Gas Hot Water

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Why choose gas hot water?


Gas Hot water is one of the best solutions available for your hot water needs. Natural gas heaters are extremely cost efficient and now come with a 6 star energy rating, these on-demand style heaters work only when you require hot water, saving you gas and money.

Bridgewater Plumbing can repair and install all types of Gas Hot Water Systems for both Natural Gas and L.P.G (propane) systems.

If you have a problem with your gas hot water heater, you should contact a plumber as soon as possible. Although not always, a faulty gas hot water heater could be the cause of a gas leak, not only at the heater but elsewhere in the property. If you have any concerns then please call Bridgewater Plumbing anytime.

Signs that your heater isn't working correctly

· No hot water 

· Luke warm hot water

· Gas pilot light keeps going out

· Water temperature keeps changing from hot to cold

· A higher than usual gas bill

· Poor water pressure through the hot taps

· A strong smell of gas around the heater

Types of Gas Water Heaters

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Instantaneous Water Heaters


Instantaneous gas hot water systems, also known as continuous flow, don’t have storage tanks and heat water only when required.

The gas burner starts when a hot water tap is turned on. It only heats the amount of water that is required instead of continuously heating a full tank. As they don’t store any hot water, there is no heat loss from a tank and so can have energy and cost savings, In fact more have a 6 star energy rating.

They can typically deliver hot water at flow rates per minute of between 10 litres and 30 litres, depending on the model. 

Storage Gas Water Heaters


Storage gas hot water systems use a gas burner located underneath the storage tank to heat the water.

They usually have a continuously burning pilot flame that ignites the main burner when it is needed. Heat is then transferred from the gas burner through the bottom of the cylinder.

Storage hot water systems come in a range of tank sizes from about 90 litres to 300 litres. Some units use a special flue system to recirculate the hot flue gases around the outside of the tank to increase heat transfer into the water and increase their efficiency.