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Blocked Drains

Do you suffer from blocked drains? If you have a blocked toilet drain, shower, kitchen or laundry drain then you'll know how annoying it can be, and I know too, that's why at Bridgewater Plumbing I always make blocked drains a priority, so that you can get your blocked sewer or stormwater working again in no time.

Signs your drain is becoming blocked

There are some warning signs for blocked drains, are they running slower than usual? Do you sometimes hear a "bubbling" or "gurgling" noise from the toilet? If so, this is an early warning sign that your sewer drain is starting to block up.

What blocks drains?

Blocked drains can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common ones are:

Tree roots - Tree roots block sewer and stormwater pipes as the pipes become damaged, the tree's take advantage of the continuous water supply and invade the pipe.

Sanitary wipes  - These are a big problem with blocked drains. Unfortunately a lot of wipes are sold as "flush-able" but please do not flush them, it causes a lot of damage to your sewerage system and they do not degrade like toilet paper does.

Oil, Grease and Hair - Gradual build ups of oil grease and hair can block drains in your kitchen sink, hand basin and shower, eventually blocking the drains they connect to.

Try unblock it yourself

If you've got blocked drains, you might want to try unblock them yourself before you call a plumber out. 

If your toilet, sink or shower blocks up suddenly, there might be a simple blockage in the line. Try a household plunger in the blocked toilet, sink or shower to see if you can loosen the blockage.

Hot water - Pouring boiling hot water into the shower waste or down the hand basin and kitchen sink is also a good, affordable way to loosen up stubborn build ups of fat, hair and soap.

If you try "drain unclogging" liquids from the supermarket and the drain still wont unblock, please advise your plumber that you have used the chemicals. The plumbers will thank you for telling us! The chemicals can be dangerous if we don't know about them.

If you cant unblock the drain

If you can't unblock the drain, then its time to call a plumber. Feel free to call Bridgewater Plumbing anytime, day or night. I understand blocked drains can be a real pain and will always get there as soon as possible to help.

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CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

Blocked drain inspection camera blockages in sewer stormwater drains, blocked toilets Adelaide Hills

Why a CCTV Drain Camera Inspection?

If you have a drain that keeps blocking up, again and again, a CCTV drain inspection is essential to identify and locate the exact problem with the drain.

The CCTV drain camera's take all the guess work out of the operation, saving you time and money if you choose to go ahead with repairs with the drain, we know exactly what is wrong with the drain, where the blockages are and how to proceed.

What can we see with a camera?

If the plumber is having a hard time unblocking the drain, and suspects there is something strange going on, then a CCTV drain camera takes out all the guess work. The CCTV drain camera goes into the sewer or stormwater pipe and allows us to see the full extent of the pipe, all the way up to, and past, the blockages.

Wit the CCTV camera we are able to see;

Collapsed drains

Blockages within the drain

Drains with back-fall

Broken and misaligned drains

Foreign objects within the drain

The use of a CCTV drain camera saves you time and money in the long run, allowing us to see exactly what the problem is, and finding a permanent solution for the problem. 

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