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Modern Refrigerator installation

Modern Refrigerators offer a simple and stylish upgrade to your kitchen. Most new Refrigerators can be connected to your main water supply for instant, on demand filtered and chilled water, and ice cubes. 

These refrigerators are great, most are extremely energy efficient and low maintenance machines.

Fridges need to be installed by a qualified plumber to avoid loosing the warranty on the machine. The water has to be reduced to the correct operating pressure, or there is a risk of damaging the machine and even flooding the kitchen. 

Installation of these refrigerators can be done neatly and professionally at Bridgewater Plumbing.

Types of connection

Kitchen cabinets

If you plan on having your fridge located next to your kitchen cabinets, as shown in the picture above, then installation is typically quicker and easier.

At Bridgewater Plumbing we simply make a new connection under the kitchen sink, run a pipe through the back of the cabinets and install the sink in the desired location. 

All the plumbing pipework is hidden out of sight and of course all the mess is cleaned up.

Freestanding Fridge

Do you plan on installing your fridge on the opposite side of the room, away from the cabinets and sink?

If so, good news. Although this type of installation is slightly more complicated, its still easily achievable.

Here at Bridgewater Plumbing we can easily install a new water pipe, connected in the ceiling or an external wall, and install a new tap just for the fridge. The pipework will all be out of sight and you'll be able to enjoy your new refrigerator in no time.

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Freestanding dishwashers and fridges professionally installed by Bridgewater Plumbing Adelaide Hills

Looking for a replacement Dishwasher?

Is your old dishwasher is need of replacement, or you would simply like one upgraded?

At Bridgewater Plumbing we install dishwashers professionally, ensuring that they are fixed into place for correct operation and always double check that all the water and electrical connections are safe.

If you're replacing a dishwasher, you'll already have the water and drain lines ready, although many home owners make mistakes while installing the dishwasher, leading to leaks and even floods, and voiding the machine warranty. 

Have you checked the pressure?

Dishwashers need to be installed at the correct operating pressure, otherwise the warranty is void and problems start happening inside the machine.

A house in Australia should be no more than 500KPA. While most modern houses are set to this pressure, older houses typically are not, and need to have the pressure reduced. Too much pressure can cause problems with the dishwasher.

At Bridgewater Plumbing we always check the pressure, if it needs to be reduced, its a simple exercise that can be carried out in no time, protecting your dishwashers warranty and protecting your home from water damage. 

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