Gas Heaters

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Why Gas Heaters?

If you live in the Adelaide Hills then you'll know that in winter, it gets cold! 

Gas heaters are an excellent addition to your home. They look great, and provide you with energy efficient heating throughout the cooler months. 


Some of the benefits of gas heaters include 

· Thermostats - Get the exact temperature you want

· Instant on and off – No wasting fuel for the fire

· Extremely low fire hazards – No risk of chimney fires

· Remote control operation 

· Better indoor air quality 

Whether you would like a Portable Gas Heater (no flue) or a permanent gas heater (flued) Bridgewater Plumbing is here to help. We can help you choose the appropriate heater for your needs, size it to make sure that it will heat your desired room and correctly install all the gas pipework and the gas heater itself. 


Just like you would get your wood fuelled fireplace cleaned out yearly, you should have the same done with your Gas Fireplace. 

Servicing your gas log fires, or any time of gas room heater annual is very important.

The number one reason to get your fireplace serviced is very serious – it’s carbon monoxide. 

Carbon monoxide is an odourless and poisonous gas that occurs when gas doesn’t burn correctly. Unfortunately, it has resulted in deaths around Australia.

Luckily though its easily prevented by keeping your gas fireplace in good working condition, having it serviced professionally every year. A professional service always includes a carbon monoxide test, to guarantee that your heater is going to keep you warm and safe.

Please have a look at the gas safety page to better understand what a good and bad flame look like.

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