Gas Ovens and Stoves

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Upgrading to gas?

If you’ve decided to upgrade to a gas stove, you’ve made the right choice. A better cooking experience is almost guaranteed with the quick temperature response time of gas, its easier to handle and its cheaper to run.

If you would like a new gas oven or stove installed, you need to consider the size of the existing stove top or oven, making sure you get one the same size or similar so that cabinets don’t have to be changed too much.


A gas line will also need to be installed. If you already have gas the property then this is an easy task and Bridgewater Plumbing can take care of it for you in no time.

If you don’t already have gas to the property, we will need to look at some options to get you connected. This isn’t as expensive as you might think. Natural gas suppliers often give rebates to offset the cost of the gas installation. L.P.G installations are also a cost efficient set up, we can locate the gas cylinders as close as practical to the area where gas is required, minimising the size of the installation.

At Bridgewater Plumbing we take gas seriously. All installations are done professionally and safely and we are always happy to give free quotes and general advice to help. 

Already have a gas stove?

If you already have a gas stove or oven, then upgrading to a newer model is a very easy job. 

Bridgewater Plumbing can easily replace your existing gas appliances. We can also arrange disposal of your old gas ovens and stoves, leaving you with a new oven/stove and no mess to clean up.

If you would like to contact Bridgewater Plumbing, please feel free to call anytime, we’re always happy to give advice on gas appliances and offer free quotes on all work.

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