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Why Filter Your Water?

Water is the most important liquid on earth. Its a life sustaining liquid, but sometimes when drinking straight from the tap you might be getting a bit more than you bargained for.

Every day you make an assumption about the safety of the water you drink. Whether that trust is well-placed, is the real question.

Australian main supply water is of a very high quality, but it isn't as good as it could be  Contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, organic & in-organic compounds all can be present in our drinking water. 

As an Adelaide Hills local, I know a lot of people enjoy drinking rainwater. While useful for many things, rainwater is not as pure as you might think, so you can't assume it's safe to drink. Rain can wash different types of contaminants into the water you collect for example, pollution and airborne chemicals can be collected on the way down, bird poop on your roof could end up in your water barrel or tank. 

Luckily, there are a wide range of filters available for all your purification needs and they can all easily be installed by a qualified plumber from Bridgewater Plumbing.

If you live in the Adelaide Hills, or the surrounding suburbs of Adelaide and would like more information, please call anytime.

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Under-sink filtration

Under-sink Filters are the most common form of water filters, they come in two styles and are the least expensive to install.

Style 1: A separate tap, next to your existing mixer tap. 

These filtration systems come with two under sink cartridges, that remove sediment and taste from the water. The water then comes out of an additional spout in your kitchen sink. These filters do a very good job, but they do require you to add an additional spout.

Style 2: A "High flow" filtration system

These filtration systems have 1 cartridge under your sink, and connect directly to your existing mixer tap, making installation quick and easy. Every time you use your cold water, it will be filtered.

Whole House Filtration

If you would prefer that every tap in the house has cleaner water running through it, then a whole house water filtration system is ideal for you.

These filtration systems are again easily installed, and easily maintained, they are great for removing all the nasty's from the water before they get into your appliances, tap-ware and your body. 

These style filters are ideal for persons with rainwater tanks, as all the sediment that passed through will be removed before entering the house. 

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