Electric Hot Water Heaters

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Storage Tanks


By far the most common style Electric Hot Water Heater is the Electric Storage Tank. Although due to rising energy prices these tanks are used less and less, they still provide a tried and tested, long lasting water heater at an affordable price.

A Storage hot water heater consists of 3 major parts; A heating element, a thermostat and the tank.

Because these Electric Hot Water Heaters are so simple, they’re long lasting and easy to repair.

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Compact instantaneous Electric Water Heaters

 Instantaneous heaters, where water is heated on demand and not stored are also available, but are less common.

Instantaneous or continuous flow water heaters are designed to deliver a steady stream of heated water for a bath, sink or shower. Each time a tap is turned on, water is heated instantly by electricity and then flows to the outlet.

These types of heaters are great for commercial applications, or for small area's of the house that don't get much use, where a storage tank would be a waste.