Solar Hot Water

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How they work

Solar Hot Water Heaters are a simple and efficient way of generating hot water for your home. Typically, they work by circulating water up  on to your roof, where the water passes through solar panels (or collectors) which heats the water and returns it to your tank.

There are a couple of different types of Solar hot water systems. If your hot water tank is on the ground, it needs to be pumped up and circulated through the tank. If the hot water tank is on the roof, then no pump is required and it naturally circulates as the water heats up.

Are they worth it?

The initial installation cost of a solar water heater can be more expensive than other systems, but the initial cost is saved in the future by using the sun to heat the water, rather than wasting electricity.

If you maintain and keep your solar hot water heater in good working order then you can expect to see financial savings in the future, while helping the environment. 

Leaking on the roof?

If you’re seeing water drip from your solar panels, don’t panic! The most common cause of your solar hot water heater dripping from the panels is a little device called a “frost valve”

These valves OPEN automatically during cold periods, to increase water circulation and prevent the panels from breaking. Occasionally, they get stuck open, and will need to be replaced.

Its a good idea to have all the valves checked and replaced every 5 years, to ensure your heater lasts as long as it can. 

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