Tap Repairs

Dripping taps. Leaking taps
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Dripping taps?

A leaking tap can waste a lot of water! Let Bridgewater Plumbing help solve the problem.

Taps come in many shapes and sizes, and they’re not all the same. The taps in your laundry and different from the taps in your kitchen, and again for your bathroom. They come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they leak.

If you have a dripping tap, the simplest solution is changing the tap washer. If you have tried this, and it still leaks, then you’ll need a plumber to step in.

If there is a tap that’s been giving you trouble, call Bridgewater Plumbing anytime. 

Mixer taps

Mixer taps are a different style of tap that uses a ceramic cartridge to mix the water together delivering the ideal temperature.

These taps are common, you’ll see them in most bathrooms and kitchens, they’re also becoming more popular in baths and showers too. 

They’re extremely reliable, but when they leak, you’ll need the right tools for the job and the replacement mixers on hand if necessary.

Bridgewater Plumbing stocks a range of replacement mixer cartridges for your convenience.

Taps for every location

At Bridgewater Plumbing keep a wide range of tap ware replacements and spare on hand, to ensure fast repairs for you regardless of the taps location. 

Garden taps, Mixer taps, Cross handles tap-ware are all kept on hand


Dripping taps. Leaking taps. Tap repair.
Toilet repair. Broken toilet. Toilet replacement Tap washer

Toilet Repair and Replacements

Here at Bridgewater Plumbing we know all about toilets!

If your toilet is leaking down the back of the bowl, leaking from behind the cistern or won’t flush, then call Bridgewater Plumbing today for a quick fix. 

Familiar with all the major local and imported brands, we will be able to repair your broken toilet.

Handy Hint - If your toilet wont flush, and there is a mess that needs to go away, simply fill up a bucket of water and pout it gently into the toilet bowl, this will simulate a flush and get rid of any unwanted mess.

Replacement toilets

 If you would like to replace your toilet, then please call anytime to discuss the options available.

If you’re after a new, modern style toilet to replace your existing “S” trap style, I’ll happily give a free no obligation quote to replace it, giving a free quote gives me the opportunity to see what is possible and I’ll gladly talk through all the different toilet options

Types of toilets

There are 3 main types of toilets available, and they are all installed slightly differently. If you are considering a replacement please have a look at the following types to get a better understanding of what is available

“Linked” Toilet Suites

· Linked suites are the most common, older style toilet found. The cistern is separate from the toilet bowl, and you can usually see the flush pipe connecting the two.

· S Trap toilet suites are easier to install, but are becoming a more out-dated style toilet.

“Close Coupled” Toilet Suites

· These toilet suites come with a ceramic cistern, that joins directly onto the bowl

· Not to be mistaken with the “back to wall” toilets mentioned below, these bowls typically sit off the wall a little bit, offering a stylish, older fashioned look

“Back to wall/wall faced" Toilet Suites

· Back to wall toilet suites are the new modern toilet. They are fully ceramic; the cistern sits on the base and the whole suite is pushed up to the wall. These are great as there is then no cleaning required behind the toilet.

· If you are considering updating to one of these toilers, please contact Bridgewater Plumbing and I will provide you with a free quote – these toilets sometimes require alterations to the water supply pipework which is easily achievable but can be a hidden cost if you're not aware.