Gas Safety

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Why Gas?

Gas is a great way to heat and cook with, natural gas and L.P.G provide a lot of energy, and when working well they burn clean with very little emissions – but gas can be risky. Maintenance and servicing of gas heaters, water heaters, stoves and hotplates should be done every year 

An important tip - If your gas appliance is burning with a sharp, blue flame, everything is OK.

                                - If your gas appliance is burning with a yellow, feathered flame then it is burning incorrectly and creating carbon monoxide as a by-product. If you have this style flame, contact a gas fitter as soon as possible to avoid an incident. 

Room Heater Safety

 In the Adelaide Hills we love our wood fires. If you have a wood fire, you should annually clean your chimney / flue.  But do you think about getting your gas fireplace serviced?

Gas heaters (room heaters) have unfortunately resulted in death in the past. Carbon Monoxide is a tasteless, odourless, poisonous gas that is created when natural gas and LPG don’t burn correctly. It is very important to have your gas “wood log” fires, and other gas room heaters serviced every year, with a carbon monoxide test performed. The test doesn't take long and it could save a life. 

Bridgewater Plumbing takes the testing of gas appliances very seriously, we’re passionate about plumbing and gas-fitting, every gas heater service is carried out with a carbon monoxide test to ensure that you’re warm and safe in your home. 

Can you smell gas?

 If you ever smell gas, make sure you call a plumber immediately. 

The “smell” of gas is man-made, and its there for a reason. If you can smell it, there’s usually a leak. At Bridgewater Plumbing we can perform a quick test on the whole house, to determine if there is a leak in your gas line. Most of the time, these leaks are easily fixed, saving you money on your gas bill and saving you from any fire hazards that exist. 

Up in the Adelaide Hills, L.P.G (propane) is the most commonly used gas. L.P.G is a fantastic source of energy, heating rooms and water with ease, and putting out little emission if burned correctly.

Unfortunately, its also a very flammable and explosive gas. If you live in the Adelaide Hills, it’s extremely important to have your L.P.G gas appliances serviced to ensure no leaks exist. 

If you would like Bridgewater Plumbing to check for gas leaks, service your gas heater or simply install a new gas hot water heater or stove, please feel free to contact us anytime. 

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